7 July 2012 (Saturday). KK Reef Watch was invited by GMG media to participate in the Rockfest Marathon III with Concert for the Environment theme, held at Padang Merdeka in Kota Kinabalu as one of the exhibitor. Sabah Wildlife Department, Environmental Action Committee, Sabah Environmental Protection Department and Raleigh International also took part as exhibitors during the fest.
Early morning
KKRW booth
Datuk Michael Emban (Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment)officiated the Rockfest Marathon. The concert that started at 10am and ended at midnight featured Malaysian rock, contemporary,metal,alternatives and blues bands including independent rap-rock band Pop Shuvit, Love Me Butch and Deja Voodoo Spells.

The concert main purpose was to convey message through freedom of expression and music as the vehicle of empowerment and spreading messages on:
1. Drug free society
2. Implanting responsibility and awareness to save this planet
3. Advocate and educate future generation about current environmental issues

However, even with all the excitement for the rock bands, Sumandak the 4 year old baby elephant brought by the Sabah Wildlife Department, born and bred in the Lok Kawi zoo in Kota Kinabalu was still the centre of attraction ;)

Siti and Said with Sumandak
Datuk Michael Emban (middle) visitedour booth
Curious or stressed out visitors????
Family outing....
Who is preaching who now ;) ?
Feeding Sumandak with popcorns :o

Sumandak thanking her audience (for the popcorns)
Errrr... rawk??? \m/